Mistakes In Choosing Strategy Consulting Firms

Before making any decision, it is imperative to have good plans and strategies. This will allow individuals to ensure that their goals are achieved properly and easily. These plans and strategies are also important when running a business. However, there are cases when your business team cannot cater to your needs, which can be a huge problem and may lead to serious expenses or bankruptcy.

Luckily, business owners can now opt for the services of reliable strategy consulting firms. These firms have professionals who can provide services that can help make your team better and more reliable. Unfortunately, there are cases when business owners hire the wrong firm, which can affect their business. Below are some of the most common mistakes.

Hiring inexperienced or new consultants

When it comes to consulting services, it is essential to hire seasoned firms to obtain good strategies from their past experience and clients. Thus, hiring inexperienced or new consultants is a huge mistake since these experts lack in experience to provide reliable business strategies.

Unable to help teams to be focused

One of the main goals of hiring consulting firms is to help employees to be focused. Unfortunately, some consulting firms forget this since they tend to other aspects that are visible on the team. As a result, hiring consulting firms can only be a pain in the pocket.

Cannot provide good and relevant options

It is also essential not to hire consultants who cannot provide good and relevant options. In any type of industry, there are numerous options business owners can choose from. Therefore, it is the job of consultants to present all good options for the team to help them make better decisions.

Providing solutions that are not suitable for your team

As mentioned above, consultants need to provide different options. So, it is also a must that consultants can provide the right solutions. In this way, employees have better insights about the best solutions that can cater to their needs.

Working with consultants who offer low cost services

Lastly, business owners must not hire a consulting firm solely for their low cost services. Of course, there are reliable companies that can provide competitive rates for their services, but there are also companies that provide services that match their rates. As a result, low cost services cannot support your needs.

By knowing all these, business owners can avoid these mistakes which can help them find the best consulting firm they need. Click here for more.

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Consulting 101 – Setting the Ground Rules With the Client

Having been a consultant for a number of years, I have always made it a policy to set some ground rules with the client before starting an assignment. I have found this to be an invaluable step to getting the job that I was hired to do completed on time and to the satisfaction of the client.

Firstly, I make it very clear what the expected deliverables are at the first meeting with the client that hired me. I also ensure that the client is the final arbiter for all conflicts that I may uncover. Also we set a time frame in which we all agree that all conflicts will be resolved. This shortens lengthy arguments between parties who believe they have a vested interest in the final deliverable. Finally, a process to escalate slow decision making is mapped out and agreed to by the client. This is another important method to speed up the process.

If the client cannot agree to these initial ground rules, then it may even be time to cut your losses and find another client. These ground rules establish whether the client is really serious about having you around and serious about making the changes that you may suggest.

This may sound strange. Why would they call you in if they have no intention about making any change at all? Sometimes clients call consultants in to give a show of openness to shareholders or other parties. The various reports and deliverables are then neatly shelved away once you have departed. The entire exercise to call you in was merely window dressing! The client never had any intention of implementing any of the changes that you suggested! This is more common than one might think.

Set up these ground rules and you will be able to get on with your job as a consultant. If you don’t, then you run the risk of being dragged down into the day to day quagmire that is part of every business. Your job is to assess the situation and advise the client and not become another cog in the business machine.

The Dangers of Consulting False Prophets

If you are one of those going from one prophet to the other, I have news for you. There is nothing technically wrong with going to the prophets to find out how your future or life’s journey will be. By the time you begin to go from one prophet to the other, then the real problem will start. The problem is multi-faced, number one, there are so many false prophets today, and in fact seventy five percent of today’s prophets are false. Number two, many prophets are speaking with a lying spirit from the LORD as the case revealed by Micaiah, the prophet to Ahab and Jehoshaphat. Number three, we are no longer in the era of prophets, read Hebrews 1: 1,2

GOD, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the PROPHETS, hath in these last days spoken unto us by HIS SON, whom He hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also He made the worlds.

The emphasis has shifted from consulting prophets to consulting the SON OF GOD, JESUS CHRIST. Jesus Christ is the word of God. See this in John 1: 1-5,14. Instead of going from one prophet to another consult the word of God, the Bible, for this is the revelation of Jesus Christ. If you are not true to the Word of God; if you do not live in accordance with the precept of the word of God; even though you consult a prophet, you have done wickedly against the covenant, and God will corrupt you with flattery through that prophet you are seeking, see Daniel 11:32.

Please understand me, there are New Testament prophets, called and ordained of the Lord Himself, they have a ministry to you and me: but our primary focus in the New Testament is on JESUS and not on prophets. See Hebrews 12: 2. The prophets are to confirm what the Lord has said to you. If a prophet comes to give you a new direction, it must go hand in glove with the word; your own spirit will bear witness and there will be peace in your mind. In the New Testament, we are not slaves of God; we are His children. We are no longer gentiles; we are His sons. I cannot imagine myself contacting you a prophet, to help me get some information from my dad. Since God is my Dad as well as yours, I can as well go straight to the throne of grace to obtain mercy and find grace to help in times of need. If you do wickedly against the covenant, not even the prophet can help you, but if you know your God you will be strong and do exploits. Today, many are not doing exploit but are being exploited because they do not know their God through His word.

We are all encouraged in the Bible to “come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest”, this was from the mouth of the LORD of lords and KING of kings in Matthew 11: 28. In another place He said, “come let us reasons together” (see Isaiah 1: 18). The door of heaven is always opened for all who cares to respond to this call. There is always the call to come as it is also written in the book of revelation 22: 17. “And the spirit and the bride say ‘come’. And let him that heareth say, ‘come’. And whosoever will, let him take of the water of life freely”.

The Lord loves you and wants you to have a really deep personal relationship with Him. He wants you; He longs for you: will you from today respond to this love?

Before concluding this article or write-up, let me remind you of a real life story about a young prophet in 1Kings 13: 1-32, please read it before you continue.

There was a powerful man of God whose name the Bible never mentioned. He came with the Word of God from Judah to Bethel; while King Jeroboam was burning incense upon the alter, the young prophet came and prophesied against the alter, “that a child named Josiah shall be born, this man, Josiah shall offer the priest of the high places that born incense upon that alter, and he shall burn their bones upon that very alter” He gave a sign that, that alter shall be rent, and the ashes that are upon it shall be poured out; and it happened immediately. On seeing this King Jeroboam stretch forth his hand to strike this prophet, but his hand dried up so that he could no longer withdraw it again. The king had to beg the prophet so that God would have mercy on him and restores his hand. The prophet forgave the king, prayed for him and his hand was restored.

The Lord had warned this young man of God that he should not eat food or drink water or even go back towards the way he came, in fact he was instructed to return back to Judah from Bethel through another way. So the king spoke to him to come and eat food and drink water, he refused and set out to go back through another way. Tragedy struck when an old prophet heard about the wonders and miracles performed by this young prophet as he went to persuade the young man to turn back, eat food and drink water in his house. Although the young prophet explained that the Lord had warned him never to turn back, eat food or drink water; yet the old prophet was able to persuade him by telling him that an Angel of the Lord had told him to bring the young prophet back to eat and to drink, which was a lie. Think about it who is greater, God or an angel? God told him through His Word never to turn back, eat or drink, but the angel told another prophet that he should turn back, eat and drink. Unfortunately, this young prophet decided to believe man and an angel more than the Word of God to his own disadvantage. The result was that he died a shameful and untimely death.

Who is bringing a word to you from the Lord? Check it! Is it in accordance with the written word? If not, throw it away quickly – don’t ever forget this. I have heard of millionaires who became paupers as a result of following prophets who brought the so-called word from the Lord to them. Many have died, some have lost valuable properties, and some have also lost their loved ones as a result of believing and following some of these fake prophets. BEWARE! Dear reader, be careful!! Looking for money? It is a good aspiration, but you must do it God’s way.

I remember the story of a woman who went to a prophet, and was told all that she ever did in life even before she complained or said anything to the prophet. She wondered how a man could tell her all she ever went through in life even though they’ve never met, she began to idolize this man and respected him as God. She gave him all he ever asked her and more; one day the man of God told her that the only way she can have breakthrough was for him to sleep with her. She agreed without question; this was the beginning of greater problems in her life, the secret was let out when the woman was on her deathbed. The prayers of true men of God delivered her.

We are in the last days, God has given us the solution to every problem that may ever plague any man on earth, and that solution is in the Bible. So dear reader, look unto JESUS and to Him alone; not to any other man, no matter how powerful such man may look or seem.