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Private Money For Real Estate Investing – Get Confident – Get Flexible

What’s so great about having private money for real estate investing? Have you ever looked a fantastic deal square in the eye and had to walk away because you weren’t in a position to move on it? If so, ready access to private money could have made the difference.

Having a reliable supply of private money for real estate investing gives you two things you need to be super-successful… confidence and flexibility. Let’s see why…

First, imagine that your marketing is working like it should, and you’re getting calls from highly motivated sellers anxious to get out from under their property. Further, let’s assume you’re already in the middle of a deal or two, and you have, say, a quarter of a million dollars tied up for the next few months.

You get a call from Mr. Gotta Getoutnow, who has already moved and is shouldering two huge house payments. His vacant house, valued conservatively at $190,000, is costing him a cool $1200 each month… and he hasn’t lived in it for 6 months! He’s willing – even anxious – to let it go, if you’ll just cash him out of his mortgage to the tune of $132,000.

Unfortunately, your marginal credit rating won’t permit another loan, your cash is tapped, and your house is already mortgaged to the hilt for those other deals you’ve got working. How much confidence do you have on the phone with Mr. Getoutnow? My guess… not much! But how much could you have if you knew you had access to a half million or so in private money for real estate investing?

See the difference? I thought so!

Now, when you get his call, instead of hemming and hawing about some nebulous ‘creative acquisition techniques’ you’ve used successfully in the past, trying to impress him with your vast knowledge and experience, you simply tell Mr. Getoutnow, “I’ll be right over,” and off you go to get the house under contract. You have the confidence to do this because you know, comfortably resting in your hip pocket, is all the private money for real estate investing you could possibly need!

What about flexibility? How does private money for real estate investing give you that?

The answer is in the options private money for real estate investing gives you. Let’s face it, the number one stress inducer in real estate – other than tenants – has got to be obtaining financing and working with lenders. Why? Because they want so much freakin’ information, that’s why.

If you’re like me, you can’t stand filling out all those forms banks ask you to fill out. What could they possibly need all that information for anyway? I mean, come on. It’s a loan, here’s the property, it’s worth $150k, I need a loan for $100K, what’s the problem? When you have private money for real estate investing, you don’t fill out forms!

Not only that, but what’s up with those lenders having to hammer my credit report every time I get a loan? First there’s an inquiry, then they add the loan to my list of debts, so the whole world knows my business. I’m definitely NOT down with that. Now that I have all the private money for real estate investing I could possibly need, there’s no hits on my credit report, and nobody ever sees the debt listed. I don’t have to worry the next time I go to apply for a car loan that I’m going to have to answer a whole bunch of stupid, embarrassing questions. I’m a happy guy!

Heck, I’m just about the most confident, flexible guy in town, thanks to my ability to raise private money for real estate investing! I can’t say this strongly enough…

You’ve got to figure out how to get some of your own!

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Now, go make more offers!